Friday, May 4, 2012

Ten inconsistansies about me...

1. i'm female, but i don't like girly. i don't wear pink, i don't care about makeup much (other than a good mascara. that's crucial) but i love to shop.

2. unlike most women, i only like to shop alone. shopping with other women is only enjoyable to me if i'm not buying anything. if i am, i need to be alone.

3. i hate romantic chick flicks. as in, i fast forward the romantic parts. it makes me irritated.  yet i love romantic gestures from theMr. i just don't want to watch them.

4. while we're discussing movies,  i abhor watching violence.  but, vampires fighting werewolves, for love?  i'm in.

5. i am religious in the care of my nails and skin on my hands and feet. some might say it borders on OCD. however, i hate pedicures. i'm not a big fan of manicures either. i don't know why. they stress me out.

6. i spent my whole childhood dreaming of getting out of ohio. i now live blocks from where i was raised and all the money in the world could not get me to leave. even as i hear many others lamenting what a horrible place this is to live, i'm happy here. my family is here. my friends are here. i love living here. and i'm not ashamed to say it!

7. i can't eat meat that still looks like an animal.  like chicken wings? i can't even stand to watch other people eat them. slurping meat off of bones... ick. interestingly, chicken is my favorite meat. as long as it's boneless skinless.

8. i'm not a kid person. yet i have five kids.  how does that work?

9. i have a love/hate relationship with blogging.  i love to express myself, share my life, connect with others on a personal level.  i hate feeling pressured to do it though.  and i hate being censored in it. there are just always going to be things i'm not allowed to discuss on such a public forum. which is hard for me. i'm not a censored person. i like to just be honest and raw. sometimes on here i can't.

10. i can't think of a number ten because i took my sleeping pill too early and i'm all woozy now. oops!

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Alfalfa said...

I just recently liked pink. HATED it as a child. The hubby says I wear dark colors too much... and is loving I'm trying to make a little bit of an effort to wear some more girly-ish clothing. A little. Does not mean I'll ever wear heals. Or heavy amounts of makeup.
Oh & I LOVE Oregon. Born, bred, raised, and probably will never live somewhere else. Sigh. Might not be the same small town I grew up in (that's where my little sister wants to return to), but it's close enough ;)