Tuesday, May 8, 2012

10 things mom REALLY wants for mother's day...

mother's day is complicated. how do properly honor a woman who pushed your entire body out of hers? there's always the old standby; flowers, candy, etc.  but what does Mom really want? i'll clue you in!

10. a day of everyone picking up their own laundry. never underestimate the value of 24 hours of not touching anyone else's underwear.

9. to sleep in. disclaimer: this does not mean lying in bed while kids bang on the door crying for you. i know, shocking.

8. someone else to cook dinner and clean up from it. better yet, take out.

7. never underrate how much we still love those homemade cards from our kids. we're still mothers :)

6. a leisurely bath in a clean bathtub.

5. you can never go wrong with chocolate. unless your wife is losing weight, like i am.  then don't bring home chocolate... because she will eat it.

4. gifts are good. not a gym membership, stinky perfume or tickets to your favorite sporting event. diamonds are a girl's best friend.

3. speaking of gifts, every mother loves things that represent their children. a friend of mine recently made me this necklace. there is an egg in the nest for each of my children. it is my favorite thing ever.

2. interview your kids about mom, either on video or written down. the results will be hilarious and she will treasure it!

1.  appreciation and encouragement. motherhood is a hard job and we're not supposed to drink in the mornings. take a minute to tell your wife (and your own mother!) what she means to you. she needs to hear it. trust me.


Alfalfa said...

I LOVE the necklace. My kids are off with family for the next two weeks while we move (last week & this one). The sad thing is I had Mothers Day off by at least a week... so I didn't even realize it until yesterday.

(Oh & for some reason the last few comments I put on here showed up as "anonymous"...hmmm...I'll keep an eye on that ;)

Alfalfa said...
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