Friday, May 18, 2012

10 things i love about theMr

today is theMr's 29th  33rd birthday. although at the bean's science fair last night one of her classmates whispered that her dad looks like he could be her brother. please don't encourage him. anywho, in celebration of theMr....

10. he's a great dresser. now this has been a process. when we were dating, he had dreads, wore skirts and did not shower. all of these are true. i loved the dreads but the skirts and hippie stench had to go. you would never know it today. he is polar opposite. and he smells really good.

 9. no one in this world makes me laugh more. no one.

8. have you seen his abs?

7. he loves his family and he shows it. he still wants to protect his "little" sister. (she's 29) he still wrestles with his brother. he still has a healthy fear of his mother. all good things.

6. he works harder than any man i've ever known. he provides for our needs and many of our wants.

5. he has great tattoos.

4. he has an incredible mathematical mind. which is good since i have trouble with simple subtraction. don't get me started on fractions. 

3. he has this uncanny way of giving his full attention to whomever he is speaking to. whether it's a friend or our kids or the cashier at walmart, he makes them feel as if they are the only person in the world. he talks little about himself and asks insightful questions about others. it is rare in world full of people who only want to hear their own voice.

2. he takes care of me. even when i think i don't need him to.

1. he is kind, gentle, funny, loving, assertive, talented, smart, intuitive, affectionate, loyal and so much more. he is the best thing to ever happen to me. 

happy birthday Elijah! and many more...


Matilda said...

Awesome!! I love reading your blogs especially since you provide a realistic look at our world, no qualms, no holdback. And this one is even more special, from a world that determines to tear each other down. What a blessing! Thank you! You warm my heart. :)

Carolyn said...

and...when he has just a fraction of time in his very busy world, he cares for his 87 yr old Grandma, and makes her feel special. xoxo

Lori E said...

My comment on your other post applies here too. Two for one...perfect lol.
I just said to my 25 year old son yesterday, who has his hair really, really short, how much I like dreads. I am a 60s throwback I guess.

themrs said...

thank you Matilda!

he DOES love his Grandma Carolyn :)

i miss his dreads Lori! (but not the hippie smell!)