Wednesday, May 9, 2012

a post fueled by PMS...

i am in a mood this week. i'm gonna blame it on hormones. i can do that because i have a uterus. deal with it. in no particular order...

do not give me unsolicited advice when i need to talk to you about a stressful situation i am dealing with. it will only make me want to turn on you.

do not try to sell me something on facebook, invite me to sales parties or try to get me to start selling stuff. i don't want to hear how much money you claim i can make, nor how your particular product is "recession proof". i don't believe that i'm suddenly going be rich and traveling nor do i care if the company is christian. i'm not interested. take it elsewhere.

if you and your significant other need to share your issues by changing your status from "in a relationship" to single and back again six times a month, you will not get sympathy.

my kids broke my new dustbuster today and smushed strawberries on my newly mopped kitchen floor. yes, they are all still alive.

do not pull out right and front of my and then go under the speed limit.

a mouse ran across my living room yesterday and i didn't even care.

my brother in law tore his ACL yesterday and has to have surgery. that really sucks. i don't honestly know what an ACL is but it sounds painful :(

tomorrow i'm heading to cincinnati for 24 hours with my mom to accompany her on a business trip. only 22 hours to go.... but who's counting?


Alfalfa said...

It's been one of those weeks here.

When I want to wear a sign that says "See THIS LOOK on my face? This is THE LOOK that means DON'T TALK TO ME. Come back and try again another day."

Some days the constant vibrating from text messages that my husband is sending (from maybe 1 mile away?) is enough to make me want to shatter it directly into a wall.

Alfalfa said...