Monday, August 1, 2011

true confessions: vacation edition

it's been quite awhile since we had some true confessions! what are true confessions? all of those things you are thinking but never want to say... but i do! let's not hold back here!

we just returned from our mini vacay. we spent four days traveling around the midwest visiting museums, family and friends. we went to a children's museum, a family wedding and spent a night with my best friend. however, this trip meant lots of driving, lots of time in hotels, and trying to keep things semi normal for five kids in lots of new environments. which brings us to our confessions...

~ 7 people in a hotel room is not a good time. it's really not. we stayed in a nice hotel in downtown indianapolis the first night. the kids were super excited and bouncing off the walls. i thought that after a full day at the museum, swimming and a filling dinner, they would pass out. nope. the baby was a mess. standing in her pack and play screaming like it was the apocalypse. the other kids were fighting over space, blankets and any thing else they could possibly think of. and i was ready to visit the hotel bar. good times.

~ i realized when we returned that my little kids hadn't had a bath in four days. and i told myself it was ok since they swam every day.

~ her royal highness does not like car rides. so she responds by screeching as loud as she can until she falls asleep. i'm not gonna lie. i was really wishing i had some kind of medicine that would knock her out.

~ all day at the children's museum i saw parents glued to their phones, totally ignoring their kids. and it made me really mad. interact with your flippin kids. put your phone down and be present. someday you just might look back and realize you missed it.

~ i may or may not have snapped at some kid who was picking on esme. he kept pushing her hand off anything she touched and telling her no. he was probably 7. i think i scared him. i don't feel the slightest bit guilty about it.

~i got a little choked up at the barbie exhibit! it brought back so many happy memories from my childhood and i was happy to go through the exhibit with my own daughters.

~ i hate public pools and try my hardest not to get in them.

~ i spent the last 24 hrs of the trip counting down the moments until we got home and i could get away from all of these people.

~ i need a vacation of my own to recover from the one with the family!

am i mother of the year or what?

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Sassy said...

Okay I'll admit you have me a little worried now about having five kids! lol

It looks like the kids had fun though!

It's funny you mention the parents and phone thing because the last time we had a mini vacay I noticed the same thing! We were at an indoor play area and at one point there were FIVE parents all sitting on benches with their noses in their phones. One woman never put her phone down...not once the entire time she was there. In fact I even took a picture and thought about making a whole blog post about it. So so sad. :(