Wednesday, August 17, 2011

10 things i miss from my prebaby days...

i hear people reminisce about the things they miss from their pre-parenting days. things like going out and partying (not nearly as fun as your memory is telling you it was!) or sleeping in (that is all it's cracked up to be!). i love being a parent and wouldn't trade it for the world, but i will admit there are a few things i do miss from the good ole days! just to name a few...

10. matching socks. why did my socks match then? i had no preteen or husband stealing them because they couldn't find their own.

9. not having enough random food in my car to feed all of ethiopia. seriously. as in "are you hungry? may i offer you half a nutrigrain bar, a partially sucked on sucker and 24 french fries?"

8. not having quiet sex.

7. uninterrupted phone conversations. i'm pretty sure the customer service people at my mortgage company think i either have 13 kids or i'm running a primary school over here. that would account for the noise level every time i have to call them.

6. never watching playhouse disney. ever.

5. opening the fridge to find the foods i purchased still there. that one would actually require me to go all the way back to pre-husband times. is it too much to ask to not have an entire box of drumsticks gone in 24 hrs?

4. only being responsible for washing my own clothes, which would account for approximately two loads of laundry a week. as opposed to the two a day i have to do now.

3. never having to share a bath towel.

2. my old body. sigh... my old body... i barely even remember it.

1. simply being able to do things when i want to without tons of planning and coordinating first!

even after all of these things, my life now is so much better now. while my memories may be romanticized, i was lonely. i was lost, trying to find my way and where i belong. i've found it.
i belong right here :)

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