Monday, August 8, 2011

Ask theMrs!

i'm getting a little bored with my blog lately. things have gotten too serious around here. it's never a good sign when your own blog bores you! so i'm introducing a new feature... wait for it.... Ask theMrs! think "dear abby" (which consequently, is my real name!) meets loveline... dr. spock meets dr. sears... dr. phil meets oprah.... ok, i'm getting a little ahead of myself! you can ask me anything you want and most likely i'll answer! want to know how to potty train early? how to keep the spark in your marriage? how i managed to graduate high school english with my aversion to capitalization?? here's your chance! i'll throw this in every so often as i recieve questions. you can reach me in one of three ways:

leave a comment in a post (with your name or anonymous!)

~ on facebook, if you are my friend IRL

~ or by email @!

1 comment:

motherwifesouth said...

I would love to know your opinion on how to potty train early