Sunday, July 24, 2011

10 things your husband wishes you knew about him...

we talked the other day about what we wish our husbands knew about us. well that door swings both ways! while i've never actually been a husband, i have managed to hang onto one for 11 years (barely :) i've learned a few things from him and i asked a few really great guys i know. so here goes... (guys, feel free to chime in if i'm off base here!)

10. they're not as complicated as we make them out to be. they usually meant exactly what they said. if he says he's fine, he probably is! stop trying to analyze everything!

9. jokes about size are never funny. ever.

8. the game really is that important.

7. threatening to call your father in law to fix something in order to motivate your husband is sneaky and manipulative. (but it totally works!)

6. men need to be told they are attractive just as much as women do.

5. men will usually do just about anything to make their wives happy... if we would just let them know what exactly it is that will accomplish that!

4. when your husband sees you naked, he's most likely not seeing your stretchmarks or love handles. he's seeing his wife naked. he's not going to really notice all those things unless you are constantly pointing them out!

3. sex for a man is a need, not a want. and they do not have to be "in the mood". they're always in the mood. if they're not, check to make sure they are breathing! here's the kicker: women need to feel close their husbands to want sex. men need sex to feel close to their wives. a really good way to deepen your intimacy with your husband is to have more sex. even if you don't feel like it. you won't regret it ;)

2. even more than love, they need respect. they not only want to be treated with respect at home but publicly. we've all been around that couple where the wife talks to her husband like he's a mentally challenged 7 year old. not a good way to stay married!

1. good men are hard to find and many women don't realize they already have one. instead of comparing your man to someone else's (and always letting him know where he falls short!) practice appreciating him for who he is. and tell him. often. he'll love to hear it. just like you do!