Sunday, August 28, 2011


i'm a little disgruntled tonight. brace yourselves. it's 9:30 and my whole household is asleep. i'm wandering around blogs, both those i read and new ones. i've seen everything from breastfeeding 6 year olds to talking to your elementary aged son about shaving your lady business to pictures of dead babies. for real. what are people thinking?? this is the internet. not a private chat with your best friend. come to think of it, even my best friend would be appalled if i told her i'd just discussed female hygiene with my five year old son. hopefully she would set me straight! do you think the kids of these bloggers will some day look their mothers in the eye and say "why did you tell the world that?!" as a mom of an almost teenager i'm more and more cautious about what i tell on my blog. while i love to have a chance to journal our day to day experiences, i don't want my kids to look back and resent the intrusion. i don't want them to feel their privacy was invaded. there are moments that should remain personal.
i understand the desire to take photos of your deceased baby. i don't understand putting them on the web for all to see.
i understand believing in being open with your children. i don't understand talking to a young (male) child about feminine hygiene. (then blogging about it!)
i understand the need to vent if your husband had an affair. i do not understand the need to hash every private detail to your readership of thousands. details that your (teenage) children never needed to know about their father.

boundaries, people. let's work on some boundaries!


Carol said...

Omg. agreed.

Elle said...

That's I'm speechless and at the same time a tad paranoid since I can overshare on my blog.

themrs said...

NO Elle! you are a hilarious over-sharer... but you share about YOURSELF. you never say things that will someday be hurtful or humiliating about hummingbird. you never post inappropriate pics of her. i don't care what people tell of their own, you can share whatever you feel comfortable with. it's what they share about their kids (who have no say) or about their spouse (that their kids will someday read!) you know what i mean?