Monday, November 15, 2010

what will i be today?

i'm having one those days... you know the ones i'm talking about! sick baby, disaster of a house, toddler who keeps sneaking off with the sugar bowl, sleep deprivation... you get the point. when i have days like this, it's tempting to be short and irritable and just frustrated. i have every right to be, don't i? while i may have a right to be at my worst in these situations, i also have the opportunity to be at my best. in fact, these are the scenarios where the core of who we really are comes to the surface. will i succumb to yelling and stomping and convincing myself i deserve to eat some chocolate snack (that i really don't need!) because i'm having a rough day? or will i choose to take many deep breaths, calm the sick child by constant holding and letting her nurse instead of eat her lunch, distract the unruly toddler with a story and a hug and eat a healthy lunch to keep me fueled for the remainder of the day? it's my choice. will i show my kids how to be calm and rational under pressure? will i be the hands of Jesus to them when they are at their worst? will i love them unconditionally with my actions and my words? it's my choice. every minute of every day. bad days will come and go but the unspoken lessons i'm teaching will last a lifetime. it's my choice what they will be.

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