Thursday, November 11, 2010

top ten ways you know your husband is out of town...

theMr is chaperoning the bean's overnight field trip tonight! so it's just me and the little people tonight~

the usual routine changes somewhat when theMr is not here...

10. i can wear my comfy underwear.. you know which ones i'm talking about!

9. i'm eating taco dip for dinner instead of cooking

8. twilight will be on by 9

7. it will be ten degrees colder in our room tonight

6. i'll wear my ugly (less scratched) glasses instead of the cute ones

5. i'll sleep in the middle of the bed

4. i'll only be awoken by esme, not by him thrashing in his sleep

3. i'll have to get up with the school kids :(

2. there will be no morning people present in this house tomorrow!

1. i'll miss him terribly... even though it's only 24 hours!

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