Friday, November 12, 2010

flashback friday

i think this one still irks me... stupid celebrities...

i love magazines, love them. i used to buy one a week and have come to a point where i can't bring myself to spend the $4-$6. so my dear sister in law brings me hers when she's finished with them (thank you:) anyway, i'm reading one of them today and there's an article about celeb moms and how fast they lose their baby weight. of course, i have to read this because, lets be honest, i have ALOT of experience in the baby weight battle! it starts talking about christina aguilara and her (adorable) ten month old son. it says that she is happy with her post baby figure and that her husband is thrilled because he prefers full figured women. here's what made me about choke on my hazelnut iced cappaccino..... she weighs 120lbs! are you hearing this ladies?? 120 lbs is now FULL FIGURED! are you kidding me? this chick is probably 5'4 and she weighs 120 lbs and according to the media, she is full figured! i could not believe it. i don't know any real women who would be too upset about seeing that on the bathroom scale. i think i'd do some kind of crazy happy dance if i saw that. that's how much i weighed when i got married nine years and three kids ago... not to mention i was 22! see, this is the stuff that really ticks me off. this is the kind of journalistic (and that's a stretch) crap that women all over america read and then starve themselves because USweekly tells them they are overweight. this is why women are killing themselves at the gym two weeks after giving birth because angelina jolie had twins and she looks good three days later. here's the difference, those women have personal chef's that cook them healthy meals three times a day. they have a personal trainer and spend hours a day working out, most likely much sooner after birth than is healthy. they have a nanny to watch their sweet little newborns while they're doing all this and who gets up for all those night feedings (hey, i could work out four hours a day after giving birth if i wasn't so sleep deprived i would sell my next born for a nap) so even though we know all those things to be true, we still hold ourselves to the same standard and hate ourselves when we can't reach it. ladies, if 120 lbs is full figured then i'm clinically obese. but you know what? i got this body giving birth to four children. these breasts are stretched and deflated because i nursed those four babies. my once bright eyes may look haggard and tired to an outside observer, but to those who know me they are filled with joy at those little lives i have the honor of raising. and at the end of the day, my husband is always trying to get me naked, so i must not look that bad!


Carol said...

Geesh. Definitely not full figured and I hope that this is some sort of journalistic spin on what she really said just for sales/attention. Although, everything is realative and C.A. is a petite little thing and maybe she does feel like she is more full figured now...who knows.

But,this is the reason I can barely make my way through some of these magazines anymore. They send the wrong message - OFTEN.

Have a great weekend!

Mile High Mom said...

I have a friend that went to high school with Christina Aguilera and he said that she smelled like hot dogs. A lot. Like, people used to throw hot dogs at her in the cafeteria. Hope that makes you feel better ;)