Wednesday, November 24, 2010

say cheese!

i've never sent out a christmas card... every year i plan to but it never seems to happen! so this year, i really planned ahead! i bought the kids christmas outfits last year and kept them in my closet for easy access. i had their christmas picture done in the beginning of october.... then i saw how much christmas cards cost! uh, not in the budget! not to mention when i realized how many cards i would actually need! (can i help it we have so many friends??) so along comes this great deal from shutterfly, who i've never used before! pick a card i like, write a blog post about it, get them free! i'm in! those who know me know that i love to give photo gifts for christmas anyway! in years past i try to make a yearly calendar for each of our mothers full of pictures of their beautiful grandkids! i also love making photo coffee mugs and such. what grandpa can resist a mug with their favorite granddaughter's picture on it?? so now the biggest problem is which card to pick????

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