Saturday, November 6, 2010

true confessions part whatever

all of my daughters are five years apart and both of my sons are

eli and i went to the same preschool, middle school and high school but didn't meet until later

my first three children were born on their exact due dates

my biggest phobia is fire. i have smoke detectors everywhere in my house.

i seriously wash my windows only a few times a year!

i love kittens but i hate cats

this is the first time i've tried to lose the baby weight without smoking.

sometimes i hide in the pantry to cry

inside my head is a terrible potty mouth

i never like to rewatch movies but i can watch sitcoms all day

i'm allergic to soap

i love shoes. lots and lots of shoes

theMr loves shoes as much as i do. our closet is out of control

i love to see babies born. hopefully will someday be a doula

i love to have babies. (surprising, huh?)

i'm easily swayed by infomercials. i never order but i always want to!

i hate when someone's toenail color doesn't match their fingernails

i really hate when people don't put their phone on vibrate in meetings, etc

i realize blogs are somewhat narcissistic but mine is a great release for me

i'm anti twitter

i'm pro-wearing-your-PJ's-all-day

i have a deep seated desire to make everyone feel wanted and loved. it sometimes is my downfall

i can't stand to see kids picked on. it makes me really upset.

i get on compulsive organizing kicks and drive my family crazy by throwing everything away

i have a nasty temper that i'm working hard to control better

i'm down to only four piercings which is the least since i was 15

i am guarded with my heart but once you're in- i love fiercely!

i want to be a better version of who i am

i married out of my league

i should be loading the dishwasher right now

i'm wondering if anyone else will think i have too much time on my hands!

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