Saturday, May 22, 2010

facebook is trying to make me june freakin cleaver

let's talk about facebook for bit, ok? facebook can be a wonderful way to stay in touch with old friends, keep your out of town family informed of your life and kill untold amounts of time. it can also be the largest new way to experience peer pressure you've had since middle school. stay with me here... all these other moms on facebook are posting pics of thomas the train birthday cakes they made from scratch and organic vegetable gardens they just planted with their kids and gushing about how their husband just sent them off to the spa for the day while he and the kids cleaned out the basement. you see what i'm saying? all the while my statuses go something like "my three year old just peed on the kitchen table" or "i just accidentally cussed loudly at another driver with all my kids in the car". not june cleavery at all. (don't you love how i just made june cleaver an adjective?!) anyway, it's like this new forum for women to show other women what fantastic, having it together, exercising, baking, party throwing, project completing, back in their skinny jeans, remodeling their own bathroom kind of mom they are. all while spending at least six hours a day on facebook apparently judging by the amount of commenting they've done and all the horses they've got on their farm or mafia or whatever. no one's trying to commend me for posting a status that i managed to brush my teeth twice today. i can't measure up to that. i don't even try. at least i can go to sleep at night knowing the pics i posted of my kids are cuter than everyone else's. so i win.

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Ash said...

i couldn't agree with this post more. i see myself starting to feel jealous & envy what other people are doing or how they have the freedom or money to, like you said, go to the spa. or i start feeling like i'm not as good of a parent as this mom who jogged this morning at 6am, made breakfast and then succesfully got her kids to school on time before going to her job where she gets paid 10 times more than adam and i do combined. but then also like you said, i realize that jonah way cuter than their kids & muh much cooler. & i don't want or have to be up at 6am so ha.