Tuesday, May 18, 2010

family pictures 2010 (aka twohours of insanity)

this pic was the photographer's idea... turns out my knees are too old for this!

i came up with this idea and my cousin purchased the scale on ebay. of course the plan was for esme to not be teething and therefore smile. kind of appropriate though, i react the same way to the scale :)

i just love this one... look at that face!

overall, the chaos was well worth it! you can see more of emily's work (or schedule your own appointment!) at her website!


Sassy said...

Those are beautiful! The kids are too cute, especially in the one where you and themr are kissing. lol And the one with Esme on the scale needs a thought bubble or something! "I knew I shouldn't have had that extra bottle yesterday." ha!

I know it can be stressful to get everybody motivated and all the kids to cooperate but you will so be glad you did it! We just did family pictures with my side of the family. I had to use a tripod for the shots I was in and my mom did a couple of shots. lol We had to be creative but they turned out decent. It was worth the stress!

Girl Child said...

dude.. seriously.. those are SO fricken CUTE!!! love the B&W with u and "themr" kissin.. adorable! aww.. I'm jealous.. but in a good way.. hehe