Tuesday, September 1, 2009

19 KIDS????

holy moly... the duggars have announced that they are pregnant with baby #19! and they're smiling! i'd be sobbing hysterically. seriously, we're talking institutionalized. i want to be all "judgy" but have you seen this family? the woman is a freakin saint. she loves those kids, she loves being with them and home schooling them and giving birth to them. she's calm and sweet and i've yet to ever see her lose it. i can tell you that it wouldn't take tlc's cameras long in this house to catch me losing my you-know-what. that's with only four kids. i can't figure out how she manages pregnancy with all those kids. i'm not worried about bringing baby #5 into this house, it's the pregnancy that's about put me over the edge. fatigue, nausea, back pain and hormones + four kids= chaos. maybe mrs. duggar is on some kind of xanax drip? i'd have to be!

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SassyMomma said...

First let me say you're so funny! ;)
Second, Xanax IS a wonderful drug!! I LOVE who ever invented it! LOL!
Third... How do you think they find time to do what is required to make a 19th baby??? haha!