Saturday, September 12, 2009

birth plans and due dates...

i am a terrible blogger lately. too much to get done, too little to say? preparations for babyG are completed so she can come any time now. i'm technically about 37 weeks but due to the discrepancies in due date they are saying she could really come any time. part of me is soooo ready to not be pregnant, another part is not quite ready for the chaos that is a newborn! i told theMr that i'm going to blog during my labor, he thinks i'm crazy :) we'll see how it goes. but i will at least post when we're heading there. i'm undecided what my birth plan is at this point. i've had two natural births and two with an epidural. i see benefits to both. i'm thinking we'll play it by ear. i'd like to say we'll go au natural again, simply because i think it's an easier recovery. but... who knows what i'll say once hard labor kicks in. my last baby came so fast there was no time for a discussion so if that's the case then my decision is made. all the arrangements are made for the other four kids, as much as you can plan something like that. luckily, my dad is on leave from his job due to a surgery so i know i have at least one person who is always available. we'll have a full house there this time. my mother and mother in law have been in the room for all of our births and will be there again. my sister in law will be in the waiting room with my oldest daughter (which is a first for us!) we wanted her to be able to come in and see the baby as soon as she's born. it should be quite a zoo but we're used to that :) part of me hoped that she would come today, as it is my grandmother's birthday, the one who recently passed away. but theMr and i have one last date planned for tonight so if she does decide to come today i'd rather she wait till tonight! i could use a nice dinner and a movie! it's theMr's turn to pick the movie so it would be just his luck that i'd go into labor in the middle. i guess we'll see!!

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