Monday, September 14, 2009


my youngest child (well, at least for the next few weeks!) has a mild speech delay. i've never had it officially diagnosed, but after a few kids you pick these things up. the princess was very late in her speech also and still has a speech impediment. so for the last year, we've been waiting for this child to speak, assuring ourselves he will when he's ready. about three months ago, he was ready. and now he never shuts up. ever. now i know that to some of you more sensitive mamas this may sound harsh, but believe me when i tell you that after a few days with this kid you would second my feelings. don't get me wrong, i love this guy. it could be said that i'm his biggest fan. there is no one in this world as enamored with him as i am. but for the love of all that is good, i need him to shut it for just a little while. every sentence out of his mouth starts with "MOMMY!". if i don't immediately say "what", he will continue to to yell it in increasing volume until i do. even if we are the only people in the car. i still must respond with "what" every time he says my name. today we had to return videos to the movie store, which is probably 1 mile from our house. between there and home he said mommy 28 times. TWENTY EIGHT TIMES! i can only take so much. not to mention it is the same four sentences he needs to tell me over and over again.

"mommy! i watch mickey mouse"

"mommy! i like fries"

"mommy! i see a doggie"

"mommy! i said bye to papaw!"

we come home and i cave and put on cartoons (mickey mouse, of course) just to quiet him for a few short minutes. and i mean few. because as soon as mickey says "cheers" we have to say it to each other. and we have to talk about the clues. and we have to talk about minnie's red shirt. and we have to sing along with all the songs....

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