Sunday, September 20, 2009

how to have a baby

yes, we're still waiting... you know how these babies are, they come whenever they darn well please. do they care that mommy has four other children to make arrangements for? is she concerned about what would be most convenient for the rest of her rather large family? no, she does not. although, she had the grace to not make her appearance this week while her daddy had the stomach flu. that was appreciated. so how do you go about waiting on a baby? well, i've had lots of experience in that area! i've found the best way is to make lots of plans as if you're not waiting on a baby. surely once your schedule is packed full and there doesn't seem to be a minute to spare... along comes baby! another great way is to plan a special outing, something you really hope you won't miss, and sure enough- you'll go into labor the night before! the last is to have a house full of sick kids, a field trip to chaperon or a house that is a complete and total disaster. we're trying to avoid those scenarios. oh yes, i forgot the last one! in laws who are leaving on your due date for vacation and hoping to not miss the birth. sure way to have that baby right on time :)

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