Thursday, August 27, 2009

did you really just say that?

on tuesday, theMr's truck died. he was doing a job thirty minutes or so from our house so i had to pick him up. we had the truck towed to our house. theMr had to go to work so he wasn't here when the tow truck got here. our insurance covers towing, but only up to fifteen miles so we owed the amount for the overage. i wrote the guy a check and produced my driver's license with it. he looked at it, looked at me, looked back at the ID and said "Wow, you look alot younger here". uh, thanks. my reply? (remember, pregnancy= no brain filter) "maybe it's because i'm not eight and a half months pregnant there". he said "maybe" in a tone that made it clear he didn't think that was the case. is this guy for real? does he not know the level of violence a pregnant woman is capable of?

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Life with Kaishon said...

Are you kidding me? What a creep a zoid. Total jerk : ). I am sure your are gloriously beautiful at 8.5 months pregnant. I look WAY worse in real life than I do in my drivers liscence picture. And that is sad since they are so awful and I am NOT pregnant!