Monday, September 28, 2009

holy swine flu!

what would be on your list of worst possible scenarios when you're due to have a baby? how about a swine flu outbreak in your first grader's class? yep, you read that right. seven kids out today, four so confirmed so far as H1N1. thankfully, my weekly OB appt was today. in order to be proactive, they have decided to take a multi- step approach to protect myself and the baby from getting it. me and the kids will all begin tamiflu today as a precaution and i have been advised to pull my son out of school for a few days. not only is it extremely dangerous for me to be exposed but for someone in the house to have it when the baby is born. sheesh... cause what i really want to worry about this week is the freakin swine flu. are you kidding me?

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