Tuesday, February 28, 2012

more true confessions...

it's been awhile since we aired a little dirty laundry, eh? i know there's nothing you love more than finding out just how dysfunctional i am! if you haven't read the past ones, you can do so here :)

10. pinterest annoys me. i'm not saying there aren't really cool crafts and recipes and picture of cats with clothes on. but i don't have time to actually do any of that stuff so why spend time looking at it? i keep trying to love it because everyone else seems to but after about four minutes i'm bored. i feel like i should apologize here....

9. i have three different types of underwear: "donttouchmeimgoingstraighttobed", "ifyouplayyourcardsrightyoumightgetsomeaction" and "itsON". my husband can easily identify each type.

8. i tried really hard to pretend i couldn't hear my kids getting into oreos the other day because i didn't want to stop what i was doing and discipline them. which backfired horribly when i realized they had spilled the whole package on my bedroom floor.

7. i like to watch parking wars.

6. i also like to eat chips for breakfast.

5. i have zero to no tolerance for whining. it makes me crazy. especially when it's someone else's kid.

4. i don't buy organic and i don't feel the slightest bit guilty about it.

3. i like reality tv way too much.

2. i have a terrible time disciplining esme because i think she's so funny.

1. i can't blog when i don't have anything to say and i feel guilty when i don't blog, like i'm letting people down. letting people down is one of my biggest insecurities.

do you have any confessions you need to make?


Anonymous said...

I love your lists. They're always great!

Cheryl @ Coffee with Cheryl said...

I will seriously do just about anything to stop whining. Crying, I can deal with...whining, not so much.