Tuesday, February 14, 2012

valentine's top ten

happy valentine's day! it's been awhile, eh? let's jump right in...

10. these are the darling valentine mailboxes i made for the kids. i was quickly reminded why i don't do crafts. the glue gun didn't work. they kept falling off their stands. theMr had to adhere them with some high test construction caulk or something. we make a great team.

9. we generally don't celebrate V day as a couple because my birthday is the following week. plus, last time we did i found out i was pregnant. i can't handle any more of those kinds of surprises.

8. theMr asked me not to get him candy this year because he's losing weight. (jerk. he obviously doesn't love me) so i got him a dvd. then he proceeded to eat some of mine.

7. he also got me a pair of super fuzzy socks and a car scraper. what can i say? he knows me well!

6. i planned to make mini cupcakes to take into all the kids' classrooms. i put all of the ingredients in my cart at the store, including mini cupcake baking pans. then i added in my mind that i would need to make and ice almost a 100 cupcakes. so i put it all back and bought cookies. sometimes i just have to remind myself that i'm not that kind of mom.

5. the little guy gave me this last night for Valentine's day.^ he said it's hair. since i cut most of mine off yesterday. uh, thanks?

4. speaking of the little guy, i'd like to make a request of any of you having children in the near future. when choosing a name and how to spell it, please keep in mind that some day a kindergartener will be trying to copy that name on valentines. do you hear me MacKarleighisha's Mom?

3. off topic but i'm sorry i haven't been posting. i've been busy and happy. i'll try to be more depressed and check in more often. just kidding.... mostly.

2. i'm getting a new tattoo on friday for my birthday. yay me!

1. i'm totally out of valentine's day related points. as evidenced by the previous two. so i'll call it a day.

hug the ones you love today!


Sarah said...

I hear that about the name thing - the last couple year's when we did V-Day cards for our co-op I just had the children sign their names and left the to blank since most of the children didn't pay attention to whose boxes they were going into anyway it didn't matter LOL

Becky said...

I love the "hair" he gave you. And what tatoo are you getting? I have a few and am...mildly hooked...gonna get some more. Hopefully. You know how it is. Have to save the money around paying for bigger shoes for the kids... bigger pants for the growth spurts they've hit... tylenol. For the things they're running into. Lol.