Thursday, March 8, 2012

10 things you don't know about me...

10. i hate breakfast for dinner. in fact, i hate breakfast altogether. ironically, it's theMr's favorite food.

9. i battle chronic insomnia. hence the late night blog writing. i've tried everything, to no avail.

8. i'm allergic to soap. insert joke here.

7. when i'm reading, i have to see how many more pages are in the current chapter. i have no idea why.

6. i make seasonal mix cd's and mail them to my BFF's across the country. it took me a long time to mourn the end of the mixtape. i'm over it now.

5. i grew up singing in church and school and now i never sing publicly. but i do all the time at home.

4. theMr and i went to the same daycare, at the same time. we also went to the same middle school and high school but didn't start dating till well after. the first time we officially met we were 16 and i have no memory of it.

3. i have a serious addiction. one word. webmd.

2. i have two favorite music groups that far outweigh any of the others i like and i've never seen either one in concert. that's a tragedy!

1. i was an only child until i was 10. now i have four brothers and three half sisters. just to name a few :)

what don't i know about you?


Cheryl said...

I am a Master Procrastinator and often have to spend at least 1 night with no sleep at all to get my research papers done!

Mile High Mom said...

I, too, hate breakfast. At any time of day.

Mile High Mom said...

I, too, hate breakfast. At any time of day.

Becky said...

I too spent my life getting drug into singing in front of the church every chance my parents could get. I think my parents were secretly hoping we would become those traveling family singers that go church to church. Thankfully that never happened.

Anonymous said...

P.S.... because I love your lists so much... I thought I'd do one on my blog for you too!! Random thing about me: I LOVE the Transformers movies with Shia LeB in them. Yes... I know they are super corny at times... but I still enjoy seeing them on the big screen. (Xav is actually watching one right now on

themrs said...

i LOVE the transformers movie! cheryl, i could totally see you being a procrastinator ;) michele, i'm glad i'm not the only one!