Wednesday, July 6, 2011

i get by with a little help from my friends...

good friends are super hard to find, we've discussed this before... aquantances, neighbors, family members... these are a dime a dozen! but real, true friends? not an easy task! i've been reminded lately how rare they are and how blessed i am to have several. so here we go:

top ten things you can only tell a true friend!

10. the friend you can tell that you are still wearing maternity pants, six months after having a baby. on the same note, that you still wear a maternity swimsuit. and only a friend with a couple of kids under her belt will tell you she's wearing them too!

9. only another sleep deprived mom would be able to remotely understand that you would rather meet at the out of the way, ghetto playground instead of the newer, cooler one because then you won't have to put on mascara. or spanx. no chance of seeing anyone you know at that one. and that one time that some 10 year old tried to sell the kids weed was a totally a fluke, right?

8. there are parts of a marriage intended to remain private. not to be discussed among girlfriends. but you have to have at least one friend that you can admit to that you put on your ugly granny panties as a silent sign to your husband that you are off limits. if that doesn't dissuade him i don't know what will...

7. the friend who you can tell that your kids have lice. no explanation necessary.

6. the friend who won't judge you for occasionally wanting to hide in the pantry and drink. she's been there. she won't tell you to be thankful that you are blessed with children. she knows you can be thankful while still wanting to strangle the little dears.

5. the friend that will bring you dinner after you have a baby instead of a white dress that they will poop all over the first time they wear it. complete with dessert and disposable containers.

4. the friend that isn't afraid to discipline your children. in fact, she knows them so well she can even middle name them. when you have "high spirited" children, you need at least one friend strong enough to leave them with!

3. the friend who can see you cry and will know you are not crazy. you are simply a mother of young children who hasn't slept in three years.

2. the friend who doesn't lose her baby weight before she ever leaves the hospital. i have several close (really skinny) friends and i love them to death. but sometimes you just need a friend who's battling every stinkin calorie right along with you.

1. the friend who you can laugh, cry, snark, yell, cuss, smile and just simply be with. she's seen you at your worst and she still likes you. she knows you sometimes yell at your kids and she understands. she brings you chocolate when you really need it. you would do anything in the world for her and she would for you. hard to find and important to keep. she's a real friend!

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