Sunday, February 14, 2010

valentine's top 10

i'm totally in a blogging rut. i think i'm in a rut in general. postpartem? who knows? either way, i'm kinda blah these days. never one to shirk my duty to my readers (all two of you... three... is anybody out there?) i figured i could pull together a top 10 in honor of valentine's day. here goes nothin!

my top 10 loves!

10. coffee, coffee and more coffee. including my favorite christmas gift, this lovely mug, that truly says it all...

9. blogs (duh) reading them, writing them, coming across crazy ones that make me feel normal. it's all entertainment. so much entertainment i have to really watch myself or i can spend hours on the computer. not good for a mom of five.

8. sitoms. i freakin love sitcoms. theMr would much prefer to watch movies all day but i'm all about the sitcoms. canned laughter, jokes, all problems solved in thirty minutes? sign me up!

7. twilight, of course. did you really think i'd have any kind of top ten about love that does not include my precious, edward cullen? then you have not been paying attention. *sigh*

6. shoes, glorious shoes! i heart shoes more than anyone should love an inanimate object. more on that coming later this week....

5. having babies. (note: not pregnancy, pregnancy sucks) i love the birthing process and i love babies! maybe that's why i have so many?

(seriously, who could not love this face?)

4. naps... oh how i love thee, let me count the ways... naps for me, naps for kids, sleeping in general. good stuff!

3. cake, i love some cake. it's a problem. a problem for another post...

2. my kids, of course. they're cute, they're funny, they look like my husband, whom i adore. there are just so many things to love about those little people but you get the point. they rock.

1. theMr! the one i love, adore, cherish, admire and generally am enamored with for the last twelve years... and many more to come!


Life with Kaishon said...

You love having babies? That is interesting. My sister has an easy time too. They just pop out!

themrs said...

mine don't always "pop out" but i just love the birthing process. i think its so incredible. my hope is to either become a liscensed doula or a labor and delivery nurse :)