Monday, February 22, 2010

Happy Birthday to.... ME!

it's my birthday today, yay! it was wonderful! theMr took a personal day and we had an all day date. can you imagine that? all day with no kids who can talk? only miss esme! he got me a fantastic birthday gift which was the super duper deluxe keurig coffee pot that i have been lusting after, forever! he also got me a cake and is currently bathing the kids while i blog. who can beat that? there is something about birthdays that makes one reflect on one's life. i was asked earlier if i feel a year older. truth be told, i feel ten years older than i really am. whether that is from experiences, fatigue or a combination of both, i'm not sure. what i do know is that i am truly a blessed woman. i have a fantastic husband. not only is he thoughtful and fun to be with, he's HOT! i have five (holy cow- FIVE!) healthy, wonderful children. they're ornery and require an immense amount of upkeep but i love them dearly. i have a loving, supportive family and a small group of true friends. i have normal problems just like everybody else. this is a blessing in itself. there are many people in this world who have extraordinary problems. i'm thankful that in the grand scheme of things, mine are quite minor. it's been a good 32 years. i hope i have many more to come!


Sassy said...

Happy Birthday!

Susan said...

Happy Birthday!!! =) I'm glad you had a great day!