Tuesday, May 27, 2008

forgot to post this one!

happy memorial day! ( a day late at least :) we had a great weekend. memorial day is one of my favorite holidays, along with july 4th, i love the parade! my family has a tradition where we all go together and we bring a camping stove. we make a full breakfast at the parade. over the years, friends have joined and now we have a rather large group. it was a little crazy this year, with an 18 month old, but still fun. we spend the whole day outside which was really nice. so this morning i decided we would stay home and clean. i was hoping the get the house is good order before the kid's summer break begins. about 10 am i got a call from the school that my son who's in kindergarten had put a nerd candy in his ear. are you kidding me? when i got to the school to pick him ( i had to take him to urgent care to have it removed) i asked him WHY he put it in his ear? actually, the conversation went something like this:
me: where did you get the candy?
zaza: on the floor
me: why did you put it in your ear?
zaza: you told me not to eat candy off the floor.

oohhhh....ok... that makes so much sense! i don't know if he thought by putting it in his ear it would still make it to his stomach or what! at least he remembered not to eat candy off the floor! the doctor at urgent care gave him a nice lecture as to why that's not a good idea, and then asked him if he will ever do that again. isaiah replied that he might not. i'm not too convinced by that answer.

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