Tuesday, May 6, 2008

just another day...

so this past week i had an appt for my regular checkup at the gynocologist. now technically, it had been a year and a half since i'd been there (since my last post-partem appointment!). it's been so many years since i've had to schedule a yearly checkup, since i'm always pregnant, i forgot all about it. i called for another reason and they reminded me that it was overdue. so with my husband home sick, i was able to go without children. a rare occurance indeed. as i'm walking out the door, my husband says to me "enjoy your break!" are you serious? i turned, and fueled by some raging PMS, explained to him that having a doctor do anything involving a speculum is NOT a break. he looked perplexed, apparently since the kids were not joining me in this pleasure of womanhood, it must be a break! i got to the office and they were running very behind (what's new?). i had to wait for an hour to be taken back. but to my pleasure, i ran into a very pregnant friend who i rarely see anymore. so i was able to have an hour long, uninterupted conversation. i guess when you stay home with four kids, a pelvic exam is a break!

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