Thursday, August 7, 2008

she's here! my beautiful neice has arrived! miss olive rae managed to make her appearance and i could not be more in love! i had the honor of being there for the birth, which was one of the most incredible things i've ever experienced. my dear sister, marcie, was so strong. i wish i could put it into words, this woman worked so hard to get that baby here. i have no doubt she's gonna be a great mom. olive is so very tiny. she has this sweet little baby girl cry. makes me sad that i won't be having any more :) i've always wanted to eventually become a liscensed doula, and this experience has brought that home for me. i hope in the future i'll have the opportunity to do that. i am so thankful to be a part of that little girls life!


Confan said...

I found your blog through Penn Mommy. You have a great blog, beautiful children and a sweet little niece. Thank you for all the good reads. Please give a special hugs to all your little ones tonight. My daughters good friend lost her three month old little girl on Monday and when I saw your niece's picture and read your daughter's name the tears came. This sweet little baby girl's was named Aaliyah.

I have been extra upset with the Gosselin's this week,to me they do not seem to appreciate wat they ave and tis mommy just lost her baby. Thanks for listening.

themrs said...

confan, i am so very sorry to hear about your friend. i cannot imagine the heartache of losing a child. i am so thankful to have never been there. there are many days where, as one infamous mom said, "i very well might lose my mind". but i always remind myself, that i am so blessed to have these four little people. when they run around and scream and make messes and generally cause havoc, i am reminded that they are ABLE to walk, talk, run and be in my life. i will be praying for the family of baby aaliyah. my thoughts are with them. so glad you enjoyed the blog :)

MRC said...

Thank you Abby!!