Thursday, May 22, 2008

so i went to kohl's today, with the two little people. i don't have any money (what's new?) but we were having one of those mornings where if we didn't get out of the house someone wasn't going to live till naptime. they're tired, i'm tired, not a good combination. anyway, we're walking around the store, just looking at things and enjoying being a part of civilization. i turn around and realize the princess isn't behind me. i look back and she is standing rubbing the chest of a male manniquin. i told her to come on and she says "hold on mom, i'm checkin this guy out"> really? she then informed me that she's gonna marry that guy. i figured, well, he doesn't have a head but that may be a good thing! i can't decide if the whole thing was cute or a little bit creepy....either way it was definitely funny. she's become obsessed with getting married. she talks about it constantly. i've never had a three year old who thinks about gettting married. i'm not sure if its the wedding part, or what, but she has marriage on the brain. she decided last week she was going to marry a guy my husband works with. when we stopped by his job, she informed phil that she loves him and he's going to be her husband even though he'll be "pretty old" by the time she's old enough. he thought it was cute. where does she get this? maybe too many disney movies? at least we'll have lots of funny stories to use for the toast at her wedding!

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