Friday, October 26, 2012

it's that time again...

you all know how i feel about halloween. we don't have to rehash it every year. in the interest of compromise, we are attending my sister in law's costume party tonight, with the kids. it's guaranteed to be a fun time for all and will hopefully water down the "why can't we trick or treat" whining tomorrow.  however, that means SEVEN costumes. for real. so i posted on fb that i needed costumes and within 24 hrs had offers of them for all four of the younger kids, score! but today i realized i didn't have one for Ari. no big deal, right? wrong. i went to three stores. do you know what costumes for teenagers are like? all slutty. seriously.  slutty witch, slutty cheerleader, slutty BUMBLEBEE! how do you make a fat, furry insect slutty? just head on over to target and you can see yourself. sigh...

i will post some pics of them this week though. i may hate halloween but i love kids in costumes :)

p.s. i should have some house news to share by tomorrow!

p.p.s. when looking through my old posts to find the one about halloween, i realized i was a lot funnier last year. sorry!

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