Sunday, March 18, 2012

lazy sunday

after last weekend's excitement, i'm relieved to enjoy a quiet, drama free afternoon! even Esme vomiting in the car on the way to church could ruin it. although that was a bit unpleasant. she seems to be fine since, so i'm crossing my fingers. as it turns out, she ate desitin this morning while i was sleeping. who does that? this week she has certainly found her wings... her two year old wings. she painted herself with nail polish, covered her hair in deodorant, covered her body in desitin and written on herself in marker. all during her nap. it seems no matter how many times i search the girls' room for contraband, she finds something. i'm not sure what her obsession is with covering herself with things. but it's getting old. definitely one of the downfalls of having three girls in one room. she has had six baths in the last five days. her bedding has been washed three times. yet, her brothers were so crazy at that age that her antics really aren't a big deal. she's funny and entertaining so we overlook the fact that smells like deodorant. i keep reminding myself that she's the last time i'll have a two year old in the house. that makes me want to let her get away with murder, which is not good! hope your sunday is relaxing and you know where all of your kids are!

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE that picture of her!!! My 9 year old still does those kind of things... he sticks random things in his mouth... on his head...on various body parts. He actually started doing it more these past few months since he was 2. Someone said it's how he learns. By eating them??? But we tend to play the "he's the last baby!" card too. And later we pull the "we've CREATED this monster!!" LOl.