Wednesday, March 21, 2012

10 things Moms do that make everyone think we're crazy!

sometimes when you've been a mom for awhile, you forget what life looked like before kids. what? there was life before kids? weird. anyway, most moms hang out with other moms. so we sorta forget how non-sleep deprived folks act... or regular social graces... or all of the above.

10. talk about our kids nonstop on facebook. can we help it they are so cute and funny? you hide our newsfeed and i'll hide yours about football.

9. talk about our births. loudly and graphically. i had lunch with two of my favorite cousins saturday and we inevitably started discussing birth. i couldn't help wondering if the two guys at the table right next to us were having trouble keeping their food down! oops!

8. change diapers at the dinner table. (i'm talking to YOU nicole!)

7. tell people what it'll be like when they have kids. they'll figure it out, just like we did. they don't want to hear it!

6. let our kids act like hellions in restaurants. while we have the right to take our little people out to eat, others have the right to eat without dealing with them. teach your kids how to behave in public or take them home.

5. blame our own behavior on sleep deprivation, pregnancy hormones, etc. even though it's true that those do effect us! blame our kids behavior on sleep deprivation, teething, allergies or a phase :)

4. not take our crying baby out of church.

3. disregard any advice from anyone who doesn't have children. some of the best advice i've gotten is from a friend who doesn't have children but works with them!

2. drive crazy. hey, you try driving, swatting an unruly kid and putting in a new dvd at the same time!

1. thinking that having children has made us all knowing experts on everything. when in reality, we realize more with every child that we have no idea what we're doing!

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Anonymous said...

I honestly don't think I could function without mine. I thrive having to juggle sleep, work, two schools, two baseball teams, pets, dishes, laundry, giving up on actually cooking. And I feel like I don't a great attempt and that my fail ratio has to be more than my achieve ratio. But I can't even begin to imagine what the past 13 years would have been like if I did it without the kids! I really can't!