Tuesday, January 17, 2012


i had a tooth pulled yesterday. since i'm a total wimp when dealing with denistry, i complained about it for a good 24 hrs on facebook beforehand. luckily, others share my phobia so i didn't alienate all of my friends. i have a lot so what's one or two here or there? just kidding ;) anyway, today i feel like someone punched me in the side of my head. although i've never been punched in the side of my head so i could be mistaken. which is a fabulous feeling to have when you have a whole bunch of toddlers and babies in your house. surprisingly i don't have any bruising or swelling so my ravishing good looks haven't been compromised. phew.

it's raining and 50 degrees here. in ohio. in january. what the what? i have to send ole al gore a thank you card for this global warming. i love it. someone let me know why i should be upset about this?

i haven't taken any pain meds today because i need to be lucid for the little people. this is me sober. you're afraid now, aren't you?

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Bex said...

I HATE dental work so I totally feel for you. I had my wisdom teeth done right after I had Baby#1 and I can't take anything stronger than ibuprofen and I managed to get Dry Socket. At which time the pain of child birth was appealing. I hope you start feeling better soon!!