Wednesday, January 18, 2012

tell your story...

i'm looking for guest writers! i'm tired of my own voice. here's your chance to tell your story, whatever it may be! don't feel like you have to be a writer, you have a voice. talk about what ever is in your heart to talk about... just please no politics and no profanity :) leave me a comment, email me, facebook me... you know where i am!


Bex said...

How fun!!
Something you might not know about me. Right now my in-laws are here for a visit. My hubby has only seen him twice before this - in the past 32 years. Each time was an hour visit. (Prison...but that's another story...) And I've never met him before. It's been a strange and sometimes awkard visit. And my normal Hospitality Manners that mommy raised us with are realllyyy struggling. But alas, they leave tomorrow. (A week earlier than they'd we aren't complaining...)
Oh & since it's Friday here... HAVE A GOOD WEEKEND!! :) HOPE it's not flooding there like it is in some areas here!!

themrs said...

Bex you are welcome to do a guest post any time you want!!!

(and enjoy having your house back :)