Tuesday, June 22, 2010

AT&T and theMr are conspiring against me...

yesterday my internet was down. all day. no email. no facebook. no blog reading. i know, alert the media, it's a crisis of epic proportions. my internet goes out every time it storms. yet AT&T insists it's my modem. as if outside weather conditions somehow disable my modem inside my living room. sure it is. so theMr gets home last night and comments on how clean the house it. really clean. we're talking floors mopped, dusting done, five loads of laundry folded and put away, vacuum run, the whole deal. he's taking note of all this and giving me a look that clearly states he's afraid i'm either going to tell him i'm pregnant or we have to file bankruptcy. something to account for this level of cleanliness when no company is expected. then i break it to him that the internet has been down all day. you could literally see the light bulb come on. i might be afraid he would start disabling the DSL line every day before work if i didn't think he's just so relieved i'm not pregnant again. you have to pick your battles. that's the cornerstone of a good marriage.

p.s. the internet is just fine today. as evidenced by the filth my children are sitting in watching toy story right now. it's good to be back!

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Sassy said...

lol I've been finding it difficult to stay off the computer lately too. I blame it on the heat. ;)