Thursday, March 18, 2010

please pray...

i'm delaying the post i had for tonight to ask you to pray. my sweet cousin, lora, gave birth to a beautiful baby girl six days ago. they knew ahead of time the baby had a congenital heart defect that would require surgery. we just got update that there were complications to her surgery and she is not doing well. that's all i know at this point. please pray for baby Mya tonight! thank you..

UPDATE: from the carepage site..

Hi everyone - Thanks so much for the thousands of prayers you are sending our way....

As I'm typing this, I'm watching a machine called ECMO pump Mya's blood and breath for her. It's the most disheartening thing to see but Mya is continuing to fight.

It's too complicated to explain fully but basically it looks like her coronary arteries were dependent on the extra pressure from the right ventricle. When they released that pressure there wasn't enough blood flow to those coronaries to support the heart muscle. The good news is that during surgery and immediately after for about an hour she was stable but with lots of meds. That means her coronaries were being supplied atleast somewhat normally.

So here are our options starting with best case scenario...

1 - We keep her on the ECMO machine for today to give her heart a chance to rest. Tomorrow, we'll try to turn ECMO off to see if her heart is ready to do the work. If that's the case, she continue down the path we've already laid out. The Dr's are optimistic based on some of the signs.
2 - If her heart doesn't respond well, we'll turn ECMO back on and wait again to see if it needs more rest.
3 - At about 10 days, the ECMO gets too risky and we need a new heart. The odds are very small for getting a new heart but it would be our only option.

So today we wait and pray and try to be distracted. We'll start the transplate process today to get her listed. I hope and pray we don't need it. Please continue to pray. We'll keep you all updated.


Sassy said...

Praying for that sweet baby girl and her parents! I can only imagine what they are going through. Please keep us updated!

themrs said...

thanks sassy~ apparently when they took her off the bipass machine her heart did not react well. they've had to put her on another machine that is doing the work of her heart. she may have to go on the transplant list :( they were prepared for the surgery but were really told that it should be pretty straight forward and she'd live a normal life. this complication was very unexpected. the good news is she's in the care of one of the best infant cardiologists in the country at cincinnati children's and the the GREAT news is that she's in the care of the Great Physician! i know He has a plan for her sweet little life. we're standing on that.