Friday, March 12, 2010

an outing with themrs

goodness! i've been looking over my last few entries and things have gotten way too serious around here lately! hormones, anyone? what happened to the days of top tens and stories about my kids that make you readers feel like better parents? i mean that's why i'm here, to make others look better! it's friday, no more introspectives this week! today was one of those "ifIdon'tgetoutofthehouseI'mgonnalosemymind" mornings. sleep deprivation combined with whiny kids and a sick husband makes for a looonng morning. so i thought we'd head out to the mall. not to shop, just to look around and walk and not spend money. crazy, right? spring has finally arrived in the midwest and my flip flops are calling to me. plus, i've been looking everywhere for some cute headbands for esme. she has all that crazy hair that needs tamed.

see how crazy that hair is??

all i can find are those narrow, scrunchy ones that fall right off. i'm looking for a wider one with a flat bow on it. (by the way, i didn't find it :( ) anyway, i figured i'd put them in the double stroller and they'd happily look around while i walk... righttttt...

see how they're smiling? look all sweet and angelic in the stroller? like two perfect children? that's because this was in the first five minutes of arrival. about ten minutes later it was pandemonium. the adorable three year decided to have a full out meltdown because, are you ready for this? they had the wrong kind of soap in the bathroom but i still made him wash his hands. by wrong i mean NOT SPONGEBOB. they don't even watch spongebob but someone gave us the soap and it now the only kind he will use. when he flips out the baby starts to cry, because we'd hate for her to feel left out. now people are glaring at me. what i'd like to do is look all those people dead in the eye and yell "what the H are you staring at???" but i don't, i smile and shrug. cause theMr said i'm not allowed to yell at strangers anymore. he's so controlling, sheesh. i was finally able to quiet them with crackers and a binky. i don't think i have to specify who received what. amazing how putting something in their mouth works like a charm. i managed to leave having spent no money and with relatively sane children. SCORE!

see how happy she is to go home? she can't wait to slip off her shoes!

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Sassy said...

I am so excited that spring is finally here!

We went to the outlet mall yesterday because the kids needed summer clothes and the weather was so beautiful!

Also thanks for the link! I didn't even know the trailer was out yet. Now after seeing it I am even more excited! :)