Tuesday, December 8, 2009

top ten christmas movies!!

before i begin this top ten list, i have to offer a disclaimer. there are several "classic" christmas movies i've never seen, such as miracle on 34th street and it's a wonderful life. so before anyone comments or removes me from their blog list for not having them on here, remember that. i'm sure they're great, i've just never seen them! on to the list!

10.a muppet christmas carol- i love anything with muppets. they crack me up. my kids love them, theMr loves them. it's just good, clean stuff.

9. the charlie brown christmas- this is a classic! my kids are not so crazy about this one (as the bean recently told theMr "dad, we know that classic just means it's old"). but anyone over the age of 25 grew up watching this show every year. and since we grew up without dvd's and dvr's and the like we had to wait all year to see it!

8. the grinch who stole christmas- both the old animated one and the newer one are great. what a good moral for kids and adults both. while it's easy to get stressed by the season it really is good to remember what a joy it is to give.

7. the santa clause movies- my kids love these movies and i have to admit they are pretty funny. my favorite part is the first one, watching tim allen slowly turn into santa physically. the belly, the beard, all of it.

6.four christmases- i've only seen this once but when i did i found it hilarious. theMr and i were on a date and had a horrible argument on the way to the movie. ( i know, you're shocked! we do occasionally fight! but i would like to point out that the main issue was that i was right and he just took forever realizing it. back to the list...)even being so upset when we got there i laughed so hard i was afraid i was going to pee in my pants. (of course i was pregnant!)

5.home alone- this is such a great movie. i'm not a fan of the subsequent ones but the first is awesome. who can't practically recite the whole movie? my kids love this one too. i love when they like movies from my childhood. i'm cheesy like that.

4. gremlins- what? you don't think gremlins is a christmas movie? hello?!? he got the mogwai for a christmas gift! then he broke all the rules (don't you hate it when your kids don't take care of their gifts and then the gift multiplies and goes on a killing spree?) they had to stop the gremlins to save christmas! how cheerful!

3. national lampoon's christmas vacation- i just watched this the other day and it still never fails to crack me up. i probably relate to this one the most! from the crazy elderly relatives ( i have a grandparent who wraps odd things from their house as gifts) to the family members we'd really rather not see, everyone understands the griswolds! i'm a sucker for traditions and for creating new ones, so i tend to fall into the trap of expecting a norman rockwell christmas and getting a griswold one. but all those things that go wrong are what make the memories so funny!

2. a christmas story- everyone loves a good movie about a young child who wants a gun for christmas! one where the parents think a gun in inappropriate but are thrilled with a scantily clad leg lamp! and who didn't have an aunt or a grandma who loves to send homemade gifts that your mother always made you put on for a picture? ah, the holidays...

1. Elf- this is my all time favorite. i can watch it every year and never stop laughing! we took our kids to our city's holiday festival recently and when we got to see santa our oldest said "you sit on a throne of lies!". we laughed so hard we about cried. this movie just makes me smile. i love smiling, smiling's my favorite!

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