Monday, December 7, 2009

birthdays, school plays and funny kids

whew... so much to say, so little time! i had to post a few pics from the little guy's birthday! we took him and his buddy, micah, to chuck e cheeses. we went in the morning and were the only people there, which was great! we had his cake on thanksgiving day, mickey mouse, of course.

and then there was the school christmas play... leave it to my kids to keep things interesting! the princess spent the majority of the program elbowing the girls on either side of her to try and be the one in the front. oh and singing directly into the microphone. can't imagine where she gets that lack of stage fright :) zaza decided it would be more fun to play air piano as opposed to doing the hand motions. they were a riot, for sure. i had to snap some pics of them dressed up for the program. doesn't happen often! the bean's program is this week. will most likely be a little more tame than the younger kids!

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