Wednesday, August 19, 2009

two funerals and a wedding...

whew... it's been a crazy week or so! my grandmother (the other one) passed away. she had been sick for quite some time so in a way it was a peaceful thing to see her suffering ended. for me, that means losing both of my grandmothers in the span of two months. a few days later, a friend from high school was killed in an accident. so in response, our entire family came in from all over the country for the funeral. we had my cousin, his wife and two kids stay with us. that's four adults and SIX kids in a two bedroom house! to top it off? we had a flea infestation! so we spent the three days before they arrived paying to have our house treated and trying our hardest to get ready. on a good note, theMr completed many of the projects i wanted done before the baby comes! yay! we should have guests more often :) but we pulled it all together and despite the circumstances, it was really great to see everyone. this side of my family live around the texas/oklahoma area so we only see them every few years. i think this was the first time in ten years that we were all here at the same time. in the midst of the visitation, the funeral, family luncheons and all that, we had another visitation and a wedding reception! i slept on and off most of sunday and monday! my pregnant body can't handle all that anymore :)

the princess and her cousin, Eryn, who stayed with us!

ZaZa and his cousin, Tyler

the wedding reception

is that theMrs in a fountain? why, yes it is! we were leaving the reception as i was complaining about my swollen feet in five inch heels. (hey- just cause you're eight months pregnant doesn't mean you can't wear hot shoes!) i saw the fountain and i just had to do it! about three minutes later the police pulled up for a completely unrelated matter in the hotel. we had quite a laugh imagining if they had come just a few minutes sooner!


Sassy said...

What awesome pictures. I love the one with you in the fountain! You are glowing you look so happy!

Life with Kaishon said...

I think you are so pretty. You look GREAT pregnant. And I LOVE that you wore rocking shoes. You are a super star : )