Thursday, March 5, 2009

top ten ways you know you're pregnant with your 5th child...

10. you let your kids eat cheezits for breakfast because you are too sick to cook. and you don't feel guilty.

9. your maternity clothes are now your normal clothes

8. you have to fake excitement at the dr. office

7. you have no preference either way whether it's a boy or girl

6. you start sentences with "when i was pregnant with one of the kids, i can't remember which one..."

5. you hesitate to tell people as you know that you will hear "don't you know how this keeps happening?" and you really want to reply "how funny and original. i've never heard that one before. no, i do not know. please explain it to me"

4. your poor husband long ago accepted the truth that sex causes pregnancy and pregnancy causes very little sex.

3. when people ask you if you're done, you really want to punch them.

2. you have run out of names you both agree on

1. you no longer know how many weeks you are, you just know what season you will not be sick any more!


Sassy said...

lol You are too funny! :) I laughed out loud at #8 and unfortunately my poor husband knows all about #4. :( Two out of my three pregnancies were considered high risk. High risk = no sex. None! hmmm No wonder he is so afraid of getting me pregnant again. lol

Mom on the Run said...

I wore my pregnancy clothes for 5 straight years -- I was pregnant twice. When I was pregnant with my son I had to buy a new set as I had worn out the old clothes. Sad.

I don't understand why people make the comments they do. My friend had her 5th and was continually harangued by people about her choices. Why?

Saint said...

I laughed at #'s 10 and 4 :)
I don't blame you for wanting to punch people who make obnoxious comments. When I told a neighbor I was pregnant with my third she asked, "Why would anybody want THREE kids?" I answered, "If you had MY kids you would understand!" I didn't want to be snarky at her, only to defend my children. She shut up about it.

merryway said...

themrs, you are always so funny. I have been meaning to come over, check you due date and tell you a big congrats. Your family looks beautiful. I wish you the best in your pregnancy.