Monday, March 30, 2009


can i just talk about themr for a minute? there is no other being on this earth who can induce such love and irritation from me in the space of ten minutes. as far as the irritation goes, in his defense, it's totally my hormones. i can get irritated at his breathing. i can get mad when he loads the dishwasher because it's not done the way I do it. who gets mad at their husband for loading the dishwasher? a pregnant woman, that's who. after all my snapping and griping and general meanness, he's still so nice to me. he makes me fried oreos after the kids go to bed. he kisses my forehead when he thinks i'm sleeping. he bathes the kids because he knows i hate to do it. and i'm mean to him. you'd think after four pregnancies he'd be warned not to let this happen again! when i'm not pregnant (yes, occasionally that is the case) i'm semi- normal. i still tend to be moody by nature, but i control it much better. when i'm pregnant, sleep deprived or post partem- LOOK OUT! i'm certifiably crazy. i am the woman who really considers ramming someone else's car with my minivan when they drive like an idiot. i'm the woman who yells at the manager at lowes (that was last pregnancy). i'm the woman who is at kroger in her pj pants with kids who are only slightly dressed appropriately- and she doesn't care. poor theMr- we've still got five months to go!


Sassy said...

lol I can totally relate to EVERYTHING you just said. :) I always tell my husband that I know it takes a strong man to put up with me. He always snickers and makes a wise crack comment that because of me, he's strongest man in the world. lol

Musings from Me said...

He sounds like a real keeper! You are right pregnancy is a hard time for mom. I was super irritable with my last pregnancy because I had all sorts of odd ailments -- indigestion, hip problems. Had to stop taking the trash out as I was in so much pain. No lingering issues.

Fried Oreos...does he add anything to them? Is it a pregnancy thing or does he eat them to?