Wednesday, August 29, 2012

the power of words: a top ten list

10. words i never thought i'd say: "we don't call each other uteruses"

9. words every wife loves to hear: "you were right"

8. words every mother loves to hear: "i'm tired. i want to go to bed."

7. words every husband dreads: "we need to talk"

6. words every child dreads: "tuna noodle casserole for dinner!"

5. words i'm tired of saying: "because i'm your mother, that's why"

4. words i need to hear more of: "let me help you with that mom!"

3. words i need to hear less of: "that's not fair!"

2. words that i hope to never say again: "i'm late"

1. words you can never say too much: "i love you"


Sarah said...

HaHa! Uteruses now that's funny, see your children would totally make great homeschoolers :D I can't wait till I can tell hubby I'm late again :D mine would be more like "I'm never going to have more children" :(

Loved your post, chuckled through it

Becky said...

I remember the first day mine came home saying "penis." It was because Papa is a paramedic & wouldn't let them refer to it as their "junk." I was all hmmm and probably changed the subject quick.