Thursday, July 12, 2012

Guest post from the Bean

Hi, it’s me again, The Bean! (I really hate that nickname) Mother asked me to do another post, so here I am.  My last guest post was on mom so it’s naturally time to do one on pops.
  Here is a list of five things you don’t know about him:
1.     ~ He is in love with cartoons, they are mostly superhero and is you try to delete one on the DVR he will freak
2.       ~Mom has told how he has a good fashion sense, he does but that’s a mild version.  He has hooks on the wall for his hats (there are like seventy, you can’t see the wall) he has a million shoes, and is the biggest fashion diva/shopper out of all of us
3.      ~ He is in love with his body, I have caught him multiple times flexing in front of the mirror or telling me to feel his muscles. Yeah.
4.      ~ He is very smart.  He has an idea on how to make, solve, and/or fix something in way that no one else would have. (he gets it from my grandpa who is just as brilliant)
5.      ~ He believes he’s still seventeen. 
Dad is very different from all my friends dads.  He is diverse too.
This is a list of a few things that make him out of the ordinary (besides the ones listed above):
1.       He is known by my class by his hats.
2.       When I brought him on an overnight field trip last year he made friends, with the boys in my class.
3.       He visibly does not age or gain weight. ( me and mom are always teasing him though about fat that’s non-existent)
4.       He likes the same music as me.
Now, here is a list of things that make him like other dads:
1.       He can be very embarrassing
2.       He teases me constantly (I guess that’s more like a big brother than a dad)
3.       He can be intimidating
That is some stuff about my dear old father.  I hope to do another post after this one on the other kids! (or demon spawn as I sometimes refer to them as) Bye!



You definitely have him pegged, but one thing I beg to differ is, his brilliance comes from his momma!

Bex said...

Dear Bean,
I read this one twice last night. Once to myself, getting a good giggle.
Than I re-read it to my hubby, because it really was that good!
Good post kiddo!