Tuesday, October 11, 2011

a tuesday afternoon rant...

i should be writing my next motherhood uncovered post. but i'm not. because i'm frustrated and i need to rant. i would like to offer the disclaimer that i'm not trying to argue with anyone's convictions. i'm not against standing up for what you believe in. i just need to get a few things off my chest:

~ i wish thousands of people would march in anger at the 13 million children a year that are victims of human trafficking.

~ i wish that Americans who are so indignant that their health care costs have risen would stop to think of the millions that die every year from preventable diseases due to lack of safe drinking water and simple vaccinations.

~ i would love to see a well planned uprise screaming out against the fact that there are more slaves today than ever in history.

~ i'm interested in hearing why last week few mentioned that while mr. jobs was definitely a genius, his very own company is responsible for such horrible working conditions that employees are asked to sign a non-suicide agreement before hiring.

~ while we're at it, did you know that in a recent interview johnny depp compared being photographed with being raped? do you know why celebrities can say such things? because we'll keep seeing their movies.

~ i'd like to point out that the poorest members of the US are still able to go to a soup kitchen and get a meal, go to an ER and have their lives saved and vote. they are also able to collect benefits for not having a job, send their kids to school without paying a dime and have a free lunch thrown in too. try complaining that you're "forgotten" like that to the people walking hundreds of miles across africa with their dying children in search of water. not health insurance, not better benefits, not higher stock market yields, WATER. for the record, i'm all for those programs.

most of all, i'd like americans to wake up. if you want to take a stand, take it for life. take it for child prostitutes. take it for slavery or famine or drought or sex trafficking. look in the mirror and realize how flippin blessed you are to be born in america. think about that next time you complain that you are having to increase your gasoline budget or pay off your college education (which you knew when you financed it) or spend more on groceries. thank the Lord that you have a gas budget and a grocery store and a college education. and reevaluate. that's all i have to say.


Anonymous said...

I adore you..... Jenn O.

Veronica said...

Amen sister.. Amen...

themrs said...

the feeling is completely mutual ma'am :)