Monday, October 3, 2011

her royal highness turns 2!

last night we had a birthday party for esme! her actual birthday is friday but i will be out of town. it's the first time in 12 years i've missed one of my kids birthdays! while i know she will have no idea, it still makes me a little sad :( however, what i will be doing is really exciting! (more about that tomorrow!) we had this little get together at our house with our parents and siblings. she loved every minute of being the center of attention! the theme was "esme's favorite things" so we served hot dogs, chips and veggies!

waiting for her guests to arrive :)

she doesn't actually like cake. so she licked the candle and threw the rest on the floor!

she got two babies in a double stroller. she's been taking good care of them and nobody is allowed to touch them but her!

two of my brothers with two of my kids!
(and my brother's sweet girlfriend!)

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Sassy said...

Happy Birthday Miss Esme!