Thursday, September 1, 2011

top ten reasons it's probably a good thing you're done having children!

ladies (and gentlemen~) i'm tired. really, perpetually, constantly tired. part of it is not getting enough sleep. part is having a job and five kids. part is getting old. ( i know i'm only 33, but i'm pretty sure my body is older!) eh. anyway, lately it's become clear to me that it's probably a good thing i'm done with my childbearing years. these are just a few...

10. my one year old is on her third hotdog today. and i'm not really concerned about that. at least i bought the healthy(er) ones.

9. while in the waiting room for my OB/GYN yesterday, i looked at all of the pregnant woman and thought how happy i am that i will never again have to hold a toddler while being checked for dilation.

8. i've discovered pioneer woman's iced coffee recipe, which is so strong that it would probably cause premature balding on an unborn child.

7. i become ridiculously angry when awoken in the middle of the night now.
as in "mommy, i had a bad dream."
"wake up your dad"

6. i can go away all weekend and nobody is counting on me to feed and/or pump for them.

5. i don't have to worry when getting romantic that i'm going to leak milk.

4. i don't have a baby screaming in a crib for me to get them every morning.

3. i only have to show medical professionals my lady business once a year now.

2. i actually have conversations around what field of work i'd like to get back into.

1. we have a 7 seat van. any more children and someone has to be strapped to the luggage rack. i'm pretty sure that's illegal.

now that i'm getting a tiny taste of freedom as we pass through the baby stage for the last time, it's wonderful! i thought that there would be a twinge of sadness but... NOPE! i heard a quote the other day that i love...

"i'm willing to love my children with all of my heart but not all of my time." exactly.

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